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The region of Semily [ Region ]

The region of Semily
Cesky raj (Bohemian Paradise), the region of river Jizera, West Krkonose (Erzgebirge - in German)

The character of the landscape is varied. After arriving in the direction from Prague you will be found in a slightly rolling surroundings of the city of Turnov. Submountain area offers a picturesque landscape full of greenery with attractive valleys of river Jizera and its inflows. Nothern part of the region is bordered with west part of Krkonose mountains. Its easily accesible from Prague, Liberec or Hradec Kralove on a dense system of communications but through the public transport as well.

The unique character of the landscape and its beauty during all seasons make the region exceptionally attractive for both native and foreign visitors. Pleasant and clean landscape is an ideal place for outdoor sports - hiking, cycling, horse-riding and winter sports. Whole area is densily covered with well-marked foothpaths. The most characteristic sign at the city of Semily is the Kozakov hill famous as a deposit of gems. In the Museum of Cesky raj in Turnov you can see a unique exposition of these gems. There are beautiful panoramatical views of the landscape from the lookouts on the top of Kozakov and Zaly in Benecko. This area is famous for its sandstone Boskovske caves in which you can find beautiful decorations of the walls and ceilings and the largest subterreanen lake in Bohemia.

Other cities in the district are Jilemnice, called "a gate of Krkonose", Lomnice nad Popelkou, Jablonec nad Nisou and Rovensko pod Troskami. A part of protected landscape area of Cesky raj is stretched on the south of the district. Relics of medieval castle Trosky built up on two basalt columns are one of the most characteristic signs. In Cesky raj you can find unique natural formations such as bizzare sandstone cities and small ponds bordered with stone pillars. Hruboskalske stone city has become a paradise of climbers. Instead of these beautiful natural formations there are also historical sites, e.g. chateau Hruby Rohovec, castle Valdstejn, bells turned upside down in Rovensko or Dlask´s farm in Dolanky. Krkonose mountains attract the tourists by its ideal conditions for winter sports. In the largest winter sports center in Harachov you can find well kept tracks for ski-running, ski tows, cable ways with tracks for hill down skiing but also precincts of ski-jump towers where there are annualy held races in ski-flying. Perhaps the best conditions for downhill skiing are in Rokytnice for both skilled and less skilled skiers.

These centres can offer you sufficient accommodation for both demanding and less demanding visitors and other services such as ski-landing offices or courses of skiing. Even in other ski centres - Benecko, Jablonec nad Jizerou, Vysoke nad Jizerou, Vitkovice, Horni Misecky, Paseky nad Jizerou and Ponikla the lovers of both alpine and norse skiing, snowboarding and ski-sleding will find what they look for. In summer, Krkonose attracts the turists by its beautiful scenery. Quite small areas are covered with spruce woods that change in growth of scrub on its north border and there are also large meadows with various sorts of both alpine and artic flowers there.

Cultural sights and natural interests:

Chateau Hruby Rohozec near Turnov, originally important medieval castle with highly rated adaptation of late gothic. It served as a residence of the House of Vartemberk, Krajir and Desfour.

Chateau Hruba Skala, a hotel nowadays, built up on a cliff on a place of medieval castle adapted in renaissance, baroque and romantic styles. Only patio with a lookout tower opened to public.

Castle Valdstejn, a unique complex of early gothic castle from the 13-th century, the residence of the House of Valdstejn. There is an exceptionally valuable stone bridge with baroque statues and St. Jan Nepomucky Chappel.

Trosky - relics of a castle of the house of Vartenberk from the 14-th century with prismatic towers Panna and Baba. A wide view of the landscape.

Wooden belfry in Rovensko pod Troskami is a prismatic belfry from 1630 with three bells turned upside down.

The Dlask´s farm in Dolanky near Turnov is a typical example of rural architecture of the region of river Jizera from the begining of the 18-th century. The exposition of rural dwelling and agricultural and craft tools is placed here.

Sandstone Boskovske caves, 5km away from the city of Semily, 450m long visitor´s route opened to public.


Regional Museum of Cesky raj offers unique exposition of gems, its proccesing and its using in jewels. Archaelogical and historical exposition show cultural history of the city and its surroundings.

Town Museum and Pojizerska Gallery in Semily are two permanent expositions. The first one is dedicated to important people of the region of Semily, the other one presents the traditional craft production and culture of Horni Pojizeri. Exhibitions of modern art are held there as well.

Krkonosske Museum in Jilemnice is placed in former chateau of the House of Harrach. Harrachov offers three expositions: history and etnography, skiing and a gallery with a collection of pictures by Frantisek Kavan.

Town Museum in Lomnice is placed in historically valuable Slechta´s Hruby dum. The exposition is devided into the department of etnography, dep. of mineralogy and dep. of zoology.

The Museum of Homeland Studies in Vysoke nad Jizerou: collections from the history of agriculture, crafts, skiing, rurar art and history of folk theatres.

The Town Museum of Glass in Harrachov. Collections of products of the works glass Novosad and Son from 1712. A possibility of interesting excursion in the glassworks.

Ski center in Harrachov. The exposition shows development of ski-jumping in Krkonose mountains.

Memorial of the Lost Patriots in Paseky nad Jizerou. The exposition of important native Venceslav Metelka was enriched with the exhibition of violin-making and an exhibition of rural crafts.


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