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Jiří Blažek – Babiččin dvoreček, Wool and hemp products [ Regionální výrobce nebo produkt ]

JBL Sýkorová, Výrobky z vlny a kanafasu

In 2011, domestic animals finally returned to the four-hundred-year-old farm in Licibořice in the Chrudim region, which have stayed here for many centuries. The building underwent a thorough reconstruction and was opened to the public in May 2012 under the name Grandma's Backyard. Grandpa´s barnyard became part of it, in which, in addition to forest animals (deer, mouflons, rabbits and pheasants), you can also see horses, especially the Hafling breed.

On a visit to Grandma's backyard, you will not only see domestic animals that used to be common at every cottage, but you will also pet and feed a llama, and you will be able to observe ostriches, peacocks, and beautiful turtles up close. Children will learn what benefits animals bring to us, and the mini-museum will bring them closer to life in the village in the times of our great-grandmothers. After the tour, children will certainly be tempted by the children's corner and adult visitors by the smell of excellent coffee and grandma's buns.

In the small shop on the farm, you can buy products from Iron Mountains regional producers, as well as original products that are made directly in Grandma's backyard in Licibořice. Genuine Czech canvas and Czech wool have become the basis for the production of imaginative, hand-crafted gift items that will please both children and adults. Textile pexe, cushions, dolls, pocketbooks or playbooks - this is only a tiny part of the offer, which they create for you with joy and taste in Grandma's backyard.

In 2013, products made from Czech canvas and sheep's wool were awarded the Iron Mountains regional product label. This brand guarantees in particular the local origin of the product and its connection to the Iron Mountains region, but also its quality and environmental friendliness.

If you don't know where to take your children on a trip, go to Grandma's backyard. What happens at the farm from April to October and the opening hours can be found at


Firma Jiří Blažek, Babiččin dvoreček
Licibořice 8, 538 23 Licibořice 
phone: +420 608 728 699

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JBL Sýkorová, Výrobky z vlny a kanafasu


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